"Jack-of-all-trades is the best term I can think of to describe me. I’ve found that being informed and a well-rounded person has contributed immensely to my work in film and television. Never say no to a job and be willing to try every position. You never know what will stick. But more than that, being a Jack makes you a better team player. You develop a respect for other people’s work and the effort they put in to every production. That’s what I love most about this industry; the sheer variety of fields makes every day an opportunity to learn and discover."


I've worked in film as an amateur since 2008, and professionally since 2014.

My desire to make movies comes from my desire to tell stories.  In my off-time, you can often find me writing scripts, indulging in media, and creating campaigns for my Dungeons & Dragons group.  I take long walks through nature and pretend the world around me is like the ones in my stories.  I enjoy all things fantasy & sci-fi (in case that wasn't obvious), and I generally like to help people out.

As far as my technical qualifications go, I'm proficient in several Non-Linear Editing suites (Premiere Pro being my favorite, but I also have experience with AVID and Final Cut).  I've operated many different cameras from handhelds, to DSLRs, to broadcast.  I've filmed live college football games for ESPN, edited Behind the Scenes content for major Hollywood films, and directed a variety of different short films.  The magnum opus being an 8-part science fiction web series, entitled Chronos.